You must have BIG dreams. Just like I do. And like you, my dreams are much different these days than they used to be.

All I ever used to want was a guiding hand to show me what was missing, to point the way to the next, clearest choice that would help me sail swiftly on toward my life goals . . . someone to show me how I could put food on the table, feel joyful about the work day, and help heal the world by using my superpower: my writing, book coaching, and editing.

As I fumbled with the questions, I found my guides and mentors. And on a long and winding adventure, they led me back to myself, and to my life’s work.

And they also led me to you.

If you’ve got a heart bigger than your body, a message and mission to serve the world, and not a clue (or desire) how to do it alone, I welcome you.

Like you, when I’m in the heartbeat of the world, magic happens. When I’m in the heartbeat of the world, I’m a more celebrated writing coach, story fixer, and editor . . . not to mention a more powerful woman, sister, friend, and artist.

It also makes me a better unicorn whisperer. #shameless

I know you have superpowers, too. And I bet if you blended them with that book you’re dreaming of authoring, you’ll be unstoppable. But you just don’t know how to do that. Yet.

I can’t wait to show you how.

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